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Militia Caeleste - Open for public!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 8:00 AM

:iconmilitia-caeleste:  Is open for everybody~

Have you always wanted to take part in the fight against evil?
Then this is your chance~
The Militia Caeleste is recruiting new soliders to help them in there fight against the darkness that slowly is starting to gain streght.

So go check it out if your intrested!

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
.:SeaFA:. Sky Evans by varrebeest
.:SeaFA:. Sky Evans
Reference of her back :…

Name: Sky Evans


23th November


 Dual Blades - 2  simple plain blades made from a special rare metal to make them lighter  then a normal blade but still it keeps it streght. 

Height: 169 cm

53 kl

Faction: Sceptrum

Position/Job:  Ship Guard

- fast
- can read stars to navigate


- no sence of direction at all
- cant read any normal map
- cant read in generally
- has it fast to warm
- low physical streght

lack of shame - insane/crazy - out going - slighty sadistic - impulsive

Sky is a  big mouted, out going person. She doesnt think about her  actions on before hand and reacts on impuls right away. She wants to jump on the railing? Then she will do it  with out thinking it over and neither will she do it later most likely. The only thing  she used to think about for a few seconds used to have been plans to rob people.
Easy enough will you find her laughing about nothing at all, or dancing with a mop around and perhaps bug people with it. 

Sky is born close by the  city of Irragin.
Life was hard there, it was cold, her parents both where thiefs and the father a former member of a pirate crew where he served as a navigator. They would life from anything they could steal and sell again
From a early age on had they been using Sky as a tool in there activities. Who ofcourse would suspect a innocent little girl? People easy enough would believe it that she was lost as big tears rolled down over her little puffy cheecks, telling them that she had been seperated from her parents. If these adults would proceed to bring her ''home'' or any other place would they soon enough be  lured into a trap where they got robbed of there belongings. Ofcourse did they mostly do this at night so it was harder to recognize them. 
As Sky was being  used for there plans did it only make sence that she got teached things. Run fast, hide in the shadows, lie, even got teached how to fight. Guns where to noisy and would draw to much attencion of people, swords  where big and heavy and easy spotted. Short Dual blades would be as they where light to cary, didnt make noise and wherent eye catchers either. It didnt change the fact, that she wasnt strong and compleetly had to depend on how fast she was, reading her victem and skills.
Yet there was one little problem, Sky had absolutly no  sense of any direction at all and once the parents would send her out alone was it quite commen that there child was compleetly lost, needing them to find her and to bring her back home. This had to change. As they  worked mostly at night Lucian her father  teac her how to read the stars  to  guide her back home again. It was not something she had learned  in a week. No it had taken them years before she could properly do this.

Being raised like this? It wasnt strange that Sky became different then normal children. Hurting a person and taking there possesions meaned that she got praised by her parents for it, so it was a good thing in her eyes. She would enjoy it, not  knowing any better. 
Years would pass as basically nothing changed. They stole anything they could get. But it was getting boring for the young and lively little Sky as  she wanted to see more of the world, expierence other things .Meet different people, learn something else as her parents hadnt even teached her how to read.
By the age of  15 would she leave  her home, heading for the cost line where the Sceptrum ship would be recruiting new members. She joined there and the first 2 years did she basically do every shitty job they had. Cleaning the deck. Peeling the potatoes, washing there clothes and most of all being extreemly jealous as the other crew members could go to raid towns or  take part in any other fight. But it wasnt her place, wich she had learned with making to many mistakes and getting punished for it each time.
But the moment came when the ship was under attack once more, the battle so fiersome as there kings life was on stake that even those  who always watched from the sidelines where taking part.
SKy was  filled with adreline as she now also could show what she was actually worth. No, after all these years she wasnt physically strong but fast. A woman ontop of that, underestimated for this wich worked in advantage.
In the end. The battle was lost as there king had een killed and the crew broke appart now that there was no captain anymore. The now 17 year old Sky would go back to her old habits, stealing what she could  and sell it again till the new captain, Captain Reverie called out for  the old crew to  conquere the seas once again. Sky showed up.  Hoping to re join the crew but this time not as someody who took care of the dirty jobs. Good luck was on her side as she  had proven  what she was  worth in the last battle and getting the new position of ship guard.

Currently,  5 years later as she had reached the age of 22 would she still be  enjoiying  her position on the ship. Getting to  join in on fights, raiding the cities and meet new people.

- water / the sea
- seeying new things
- doing what ever she feels like
- drinking
- stealing
- cutting things / people
- tattoos
- piercings
- cleaning her dual blades
- seahorses
- checking out booty's  e u e
- seeying/learning new things
- sleeping
- lazing
- drinking

- really hot days
- books, or anything written as she cannot read it.
- cleaning
- wathcing from the side lines
- insects

Lucian Evans - father - alive
Sandra Evans- Mother- Alive

Other information:
- Has multipel tattoos  and  might  get even more
- has a star map tattood on her back
- has a bunch of scars, some more visibel then others
- Voice sample… - lola bunny

RP methods: 
DA Chat, Skype, Notes

Sky Evans (c) varrebeest

TE: Lala Nye by varrebeest
TE: Lala Nye

Name: Lala Nyë

Age: 30

Gender: female

Height: 164 cm, 64,5 in, 5.3 ft

Weight: 51 kl, 112 LBS

Race: Elf -  They can basicaly have every color of hair and eyes. There  built is slim  and there light as a feather.  They will  stop aging between the age of 20 - 35. There life span is much longer then from a relugaring being and can go up as high as 1000 years, despite it rarely happens. They can get sick like any other people  and find there death by this.
There ears are point, ranging  from just a small tip ontop of the  ears from perhaps 20 cm long ears. They all have a knack for magic, but  some are better in it then others. Just as not everybody can learn the same spells.

World: Scuilea

Scuilea is a  world  wherre no  technologie exists yet.  Everything there is  is being provided by magic.  The only way of transportation there would be with the use of a mount or basically walk from  destination to destination.
The lands are filled with live. Endless grasfields,  stunning forest full with animals that life in there. Deep oceans and crystal clear lakes. Yet not everything is as perfect as it seems. Those living thee are being haunted by creatures lurking in the darkness.  The people there occasionally got possesed by evil spirits or other demonic creatures.
Because of this, people started to life around the churches. Why? Because there lived those who posssesed the skill and knowledge to perform a exorcism to free those who had been possesed.


Lala was quite the lucky one, as she not only had been born in a  town  located around a church, no Lala had been born  inside the walls of the church.
Her father had been one of those who possesed the skill to perform a excorism and  here for lived inside one of the grand churches spread across the world.
There she went to school, made a couple of fiends and got to have fun like a child should have.
By the time she  turned 10 did they figure out that Lala had  been granted the same skill as her father. To perform exorcisms. The happy simple life would  kind of end at this point. Being taken out of her normal school to attend the special classes to learn aout  the  evil creatures  hiding in the shadows. How to recognize them, and ofcourse how to get rid of them. 

The elf had quite a knack for excorim as  she was one of those  who's magic actually  was suited for this. For the first 5 years Lala basically  only sat in the school benches. Learning and studying, only encoutering something dangerous in the classes. After all, those who actually where suited for this  wherent being put in unnescassery danger.
After those 5 years did Lala start to go on actually cases of possesions. But... by her very first case was it not what she had espected. One of her childhoods friends had been possesed by a evil spirit. No matter how hard  she tried, even called for help by her fellow exorcists. Yet it was just to late. The  spirit saw no other choise then to flee, leaving his host, wich unfortunally killed Lala her dear friend.
Like any person would Lal grief about her loss, but she didnt keep on hanging in it. No, it actually drove her to learn more, to improve so that this wouldnt happen again.


Lala can as best be descriped as a easy person. She is kind from nature and does like to joke around from time to time. She isnt   extreemly outgoing but neither is she shy.

 Unescassery drama will she simply just aviod, but because of this does it not mean she will let people over run her. With her set of skills, will she not be the first one to rush into a fight but neither run away. Basically, Lala can take care of herself.


Lala uses a staff to help her  when perfomring excorisms or some basic magic. Basically it just chanels her magic through it  where it increases slightly. Also despite she isnt a expert in fighting, she does know how to handle it and use  the staff to defend herself in combat.

Basically, its  a whole riddle of  enchantments to ward the evil spirit of. This mostly is  being done in combination with either a object ((the staff for example)), a book, multipel  symbols drawen over the possesed one and the caster. Basically there are multipel  ways to perform a exorcism, but it will only work on evil spirits and demons, on nothing else.

Basic spell casting:
Free Form - Lala has basically been trained to perform exorcims, because of this didnt  she  learn that much about any other magical  spells or skills and has keeped on hanging on the very basics of the aspect. She can create a bit of light to see where she is going, or a basic shield to defend herself  but nothing more then that.

Exorcism is quite a dangerous thing to do,  so it  isnt that strange that  Lala learned  the basics of  combat. Here by she also uses her staff to defend herself and ward of enemies. Yet again, it really stays be the basics.

Additional Info:

* Dislikes insects, and is afraid of the really slimy scary onces.
* Gets sun burned way to easy.
* Left handed
* Gets sea sick.
* has never been kissed

RP Prompt: 
Bullet; WhiteNon Natives: "You suddenly woke up in one of the 3 starting worlds, with no clue why/where you are and no luggage besides the clothes you currently wear and anything you had been holding. What do you do?"

Lala  would be sitting on the edge of a fountain. Having a set of new exorcist clothes resting on her lap as she was using a  simple piece of fabric to make her staff shine again.  Till a sudden dizziness over came her. the elfen woman would rock back and forth slightly before losing her balance compleetly.  Falling back in the cold  water, sinking deeper and deeper but never did  she hit the bottom.  But as easy as she had been sinking seemed something to be pulling he up again and by the time Lala reached the surface was she surrounded by trees and   mushrooms.  Confused would  she look around herself, this wasnt the familiar  town  she had grown up in anymore.
Confused would  she come out of the small pond. '' Hello!?'' Lala called out but  there came no response. 
the elf would start to walk,  maybe it was hours, perhaps just minutes, she couldnt quite tell before eventually finding a camp with people in it.  From there out  would they bring her to Selendris

Lala (c) :iconvarrebeest:



Militia Caeleste - Open for public!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 8:00 AM

:iconmilitia-caeleste:  Is open for everybody~

Have you always wanted to take part in the fight against evil?
Then this is your chance~
The Militia Caeleste is recruiting new soliders to help them in there fight against the darkness that slowly is starting to gain streght.

So go check it out if your intrested!

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak


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.:M-C:. Lovette Devalle by varrebeest Lovette Devalle :iconmilitia-caeleste:
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